Descendants of Johann Gotthilf Zippel

Generation One

Johann Gottlieb and Johanna Wilhelmine Zippel (from Doug Price's collection)

Zippel Gotthilf & Dorothea c18
Johann Gotthilf and Dorothea Elizabeth Zippel, taken in the 1890s (from Les Zippel)

1. Johann Gotthilf Zippel was known as Gotthilf. He was born on June 13, 1823 at Przychodzko, near Bentschen, Meseritz county, Posen province, Kingdom of Prussia, Germany (till 1919). He married Dorothea Elisabeth Kleindienst, daughter of Anna Rosina ????, at Bentschen, Meseritz county, Posen province, Kingdom of Prussia, Germany (till 1919), in 1852. He immigrated on the 'Peter Godeffroy' to Port Adelaide arriving on November 18, 1855. The Shipping Intelligence column of The South Australian Register on Monday, November 19, 1855 listed the passengers who arrived on the Peter Godeffroy, a ship of 750 tons which arrived in Port Adelaide on Sunday November 18, 1855. Amongst the passengers were "Gottfried, Dorothea Elis., Wilhelmine and Carl August Zipyel". The ship had departed Hamburg on July 11, S. Johansen being its Master. The family first resided at Seppelstfield, South Australia. From there they went to Lights Pass, South Australia, where the rest of their children were born. Later the family moved to Yorketowne, South Australia and finally to Woorak, near Nhill in Victoria.

Gotthilf built his own house there. His trade was a Mason and Carpenter. He made his own furniture and also his own coffin.
He died on July 31, 1899 at age 76 at Nhill. Johann was buried on August 1, 1899 at the Woorak Cemetery.

Zippel, Johann, Dorothea and J
Johann Gotthilf and Dorothea Elizabeth Zippel, with their youngest daughter, Johanne Ernestine. Taken c1873 (from Les Zippel)

Dorothea Elisabeth Kleindienst was known as Dorothy. She was born on May 2, 1828 at Weidenvorkwerk, near Bentschen, Meseritz county, Posen province, Kingdom of Prussia, Germany (till 1919). She died on February 17, 1899 at age 70 at Nhill. Dorothea was buried on February 19, 1899 at the Woorak Cemetery; Zippel Dorothea - grave.

Children of Johann Gotthilf Zippel and Dorothea Elisabeth Kleindienst were as follows:

Generation Two

Zippe - 80th birthdayl
Johanna Wilhelmine Launer (nee Zippel) 80th birthday celebration - 1933 (from Doug Price. If you can identify anyone in this photo, please contact Doug at

Zippel Johanna Wilhelmine & Ca
Johanna Wilhelmine Zippel and brother Carl August Zippel, c1873 (from Les Zippel)

Launer - sons of J Gottlieb an
Seven sons of J Gottlieb Launer and Wilhelmine Zippel, taken 1933
Carl, Harry, Charlie, Jack, Alf, Ern, Will

2. Johanna Wilhelmine Zippel was known as Wilhelmine. She was born on January 22, 1853 at Nandel Bintschen, Posen, Prussia. She married Johann Gottlieb Launer, son of Johann Carl Gottlieb Gustav Launer and Johanne Dorothea Luhr, at Strait Gate Lutheran Church, Lights Pass, South Australia, on June 5, 1874. Johanna resided at Lights Pass, South Australia. She died on January 18, 1934 at age 80. Johanna was buried at the Pink Lakes Cemetery, near Yorketown, South Australia. Before her marriage, Wilhelmine worked at Angaston, South Australia. Johann Gottlieb Launer and Wilhelmine Zippel were married on Friday 5th June, 1874. Witness to the marriage were Carl Zippel, bootmaker of Saddleworth and E.A.I. Hausler, farmer of Lights Pass. The fee for the marriage was 10 shillings. Readings were Job 5 verse 23 "For thou shalt be in league with the sones of the field; and the beasts of the field shall be at peace with thee." and the Hymn was no. 1327. G. Rechner was the officiating minister. Wilhelmine's 80th birthday was celebrated with her family on 22nd January 1933. (Refer photographs). Both Wilhelmine and Johann Gottlieb Launer are buried at Pink Lake Cemetery, Yorketowne, York Peninsula, South Australia. Their grave stone reads as follows:

In Loving Memory of
Johann Gottlieb Launer
Died 6th May 1908
Aged 59 Years
Wife of Above
Died 18th January 1934
Aged 81 years
Peacefully Sleeping.

Launer Johann Gottlieb and fam
Johann Gottlieb Launer and family (from Michael Smith)

Johann Gottlieb Launer was known as Gottlieb. He was born on July 9, 1849 at Blanchetown, South Australia. He was baptised at Langmeil, Tanunda, South Australia, on July 22, 1849.

On the 2nd day of December 1875 land at Stockwell was transferred from Christian Siegle to Johann Gottlieb Launer (volume LXXXIV, folio 189). It appears that Gottlieb was a labourer on that land prior to his ownership of it. Gottlieb sold the land to Henry Adolph Frost, a saddle of Yorketown and the transfer was registered on 2nd day of July, 1878. Then on the 2nd January 1885 Johann Gottlieb Launer purchased land (volume 470, folio 188) from Johann Wilhelm August Yung. A mortgage was taken out on the land on the same day to Thomas Thewings. The land was transferred out of Johann Gottlieb Launer's name on 22nd March 1886 when it was transferred to Hermann Wilhelm Melke and Friedrich Wilhelm Milke of Moorowie. Johann resided at Stockwell, South Australia. Occupation: Farmer/Labourer. He made a will on April 3, 1907. He died on May 6, 1908 at age 58 at near Yorketown, South Australia. Johann was buried at the Pink Lakes Cemetery, near Yorketown, South Australia; Launer - grave of Johann Gottl.

Children of Johanna Wilhelmine Zippel and Johann Gottlieb Launer were as follows:

Zippel family 14-10-1948 at Mu
The Zippel Family taken October 14, 1948 at Otto Ewald Launer's home at Mudamuckla
Albert, Gus, Ted, Charlie, Eddie
Clara, Bertha, Agnes Marie
From Les Zippel

Zippel - Carl August and Eliza
Carl August Zippel and Elizabeth Hermine Zippel (nee Voigt)
From Les Zippel

Zippel - Carl August and Eliza
Carl August zippel with wife Elizabeth Hermine Zippel (nee Voigt)
From Les Zippel

3. Carl August Zippel. The following is from notes prepared by Les Zippel:

Carl lived with his parents at Seppeltsfield and Light Pass, South Australia, for seventeen years. He lived at Saddleworth for two and a half years, then Gladstone for two and a half years. It was at Gladstone that he learned the boot maker trade. He moved to the Yorke Peninsula for eight years, the latter part being spent at Minlaton.

In 1887 Carl and Hermine moved with their children, Agnes and Clara and settled at Glenlee, Victoria; Carl worked as a farm labourer. Later they moved to Woorak, and he started work again as a boot maker. When business was slack he worked on nearby farms.

In 1897 the family moved to Salisbury, Victoria; and bought six acres of land. Here Carl worked as a casual labourer cutting timber, in farm work they kept one cow. While living at Salisbury, they experienced a cyclone which lifted the roof off the house. They moved back to Woorak in 1899.

In 1904 the family moved back to Adelaide by train, then boat to Stansbury, then settled again in Minlaton. Carl bought an old house for $40 which accidentally burnt down at a later date. He set up a Boot Making and Repairs business in a shop separate from the house.

In 1911, Carl's son Albert and Frank Bahr went to Ceduna by boat, here they worked for Mr Tom Collins. Frank Bahr returned to Minlaton and married Bertha Zippel, (Carl's daughter). After the wedding, he returned with his wife to Ceduna and continued to work at Collins's farm. His parents and brothers, Eddy, Charlie, Gus and Ted, accompanied the couple, they all lived at Collins's for twelve months. Carl then share-farmed for Mr W. Hirte, until he bought an adjoining farm at Warranda. His sons Gus and Ted helped him work the farm.

Carl swore the Oath of Allegiance to his Majesty King George V on third day of February 1915 (during the First World War) and his Certificate of Naturalization was issued on April 8, 1915. His Application for Certificate of Naturalization states that he had resided in Australia in the following areas: Angaston 17 years, Saddleworth 2.5 years, Gladstone 2.5 years, Yorkes Peninsula 18 years, Nhill Victoria 16 years and Mural Bay 3 years.

A few years later Carl made the farm over to Gus and Ted, In 1926 Ted bought a farm at Puntabie. Carl August then lived with his children going from one to the other, staying at Maltee (Agnes), Mudamuckla (Eddy) and Puntabie (Ted). He had a slight stroke whilst staying at Eddy's and went to stay with Agnes. A few weeks later he had a second stroke and was bedridden. He had a third stroke which caused his death.
He was born on October 18, 1854 at Nandel Bintschen, Posen, Prussia. He married Hermine Elizabeth Voigt, daughter of Rudolph Voigt and Elizabeth Bepa, at by Pastor H.J. Hoopman, Honiton, South Australia, on October 26, 1884. He died on October 20, 1932 at age 78 from the results of stroke at Maltee, South Australia. Duration of his illness was four months. Carl was buried at the cemetery, Ceduna, South Australia.

Zippel Family 1910
Zippel Family 1910
Calra, Eddie, Marie, Charlie, Bertha
Agnes, Father, MOther, Albert
Gus, Ted
From Les Zippel

Hermine Elizabeth Voigt was born on May 23, 1860. Hermine died from the results of a stroke at the hospital at Ceduna, South Australia, on April 1, 1921. Early 1921 Hermine had a stroke while on the boat travelling from Streaky Bay to Ceduna, within a fortnight she died in the Ceduna Hospital, aged 61 years. Hermine was buried at the cemetery, Ceduna, South Australia.

Children of Carl August Zippel and Hermine Elizabeth Voigt were as follows:

Zippel Carl and Schultz Ernest
Johanne Ernstine Schultz (nee Zippel) and Carl August Zippel
From Les Zippel

4. Johanne Ernestine Zippel was known as Ernestine. She was born on July 9, 1866 at Lights Pass, South Australia. She was baptised at Strait Gate Lutheran Church, Lights Pass, South Australia, on August 5, 1866. She married Charles William Schultz, son of Friedrich Wilhelm Ferdinand Schultz and Dorothea Elisabeth Lochel, at the Lutheran Church, Ni Ni, Victoria, Australia, on November 17, 1892. She died on April 26, 1949 at age 82.

Schultz - family of Charles Wi
Family of Charles William (Gus) Schultz and Johanna Ernstine Zippel
Adeline, Ella, Herbert, Annie, Elsie
From Les Zippel

Charles William Schultz was known as Gus. He was born in 1863.

Children of Johanne Ernestine Zippel and Charles William Schultz were as follows:

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