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William Richardson was born in Mayfield, Sussex, England on February 8, 1833 and was known as Billy. He was a bricklayers apprentice in Mayfield, Sussex, England in 1851.

William Richardson married Harriett Luck at St Peters Church of England in Brighton, Sussex, England on August 9, 1853. Harriett was born on September 27, 1833 in Mayfield, Sussex, England. In 1853 she was a general servant.

On November 19, 1856, William, a heavily pregnant Harriett and their daughter Harriet, aged two years, sailed from Liverpool on board the ship Herald of the Morning as assisted immigrants. The passenger list shows the ship carried 48 married couples, 96 children, 22 single males and 239 single females.

About two weeks before reaching Melbourne, Harriett gave birth to their second daughter Charlotte Heralda (it is most likely that Charlotte was the first birth on the voyage, for it was the rule in those days that the first born was to be named after the ship). The nominal list of passengers shows that the family's religious denomination was Church of England and that William and Harriett could both read and write. The ship arrived in Melbourne on March 1, 1857 and the disposal list shows that William found work as a bricklayer on his own account on March 14, 1857.

Family stories relates that examples of Billy's brick laying skills were evident around Cheltenham, particularly brick fences at houses near the Old Cheltenham Cemetery. The family lived in Gipsy Village, Pic-Nic Point, Brighton, Victoria, Australia. They were to live at Gipsy village for about ten or eleven years. Development of Gipsy Village commenced in 1852 when a land investor purchased 280 house allotments in the area surrounding Bamfield and Bridge Streets. Features of Gipsy Village were that underground water was available and the blocks were almost perfectly square (165'x166'). A school opened in Gipsy Village in 1855 and horse drawn trams connecting with the railway at Brighton provided transport to and from Gipsy Village from 1857. In latter years the Sandringham City Council has commemorated Gipsy Village by establishing a small park in Bridge Street, Hampton.

They lived at Charman Road in Beaumaris, Victoria, Australia in 1868. Although originally Beaumaris, the area was taken over as Cheltenham when the Frankston railway line passed through the area in 1881.

It is recalled by descendants that Billy Richardson was an enthusiastic musician and conductor and musical evenings with lusty community singing were regular features at the Richardson home. Home births were the practice when Harriett was having her children and family history recalls that on some occasions after extended 'singsong evenings' in the absence of Harriet, a new born baby would be introduced to the other children the following morning.

Harriett died in Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia on February 15, 1895. She had suffered from exhaustive gastritis for about six months and was buried on February 17, 1895 in the Old Cheltenham Cemetery in Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia. Billy died from bright's disease and uraemia at Albert Street in Mordialloc, Victoria, Australia on October 23, 1898. Bright's disease is the chronic inflammation of the kidney and uraemia is the build up of urea (colourless compound in the urine) in blood which occurs when the kidneys are unable to filter it out of the bloodstream. If the urea level is up it is an indication that the kidneys are failing. He was seen by Dr. George J. Scanthlebury only two days before his demise. William was buried on October 25, 1898 in the Old Cheltenham Cemetery, in Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia.

William Richardson and Harriett Luck had the following children:

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