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Hi and welcome to my genealogy home page. My name is Lauren Thomson and I live in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia with my husband Bob, and our sons David (24) and Peter (22). I have been researching our family history since 1990 and as well as advertising my research interests on the web, I would like to introduce you to some of our ancestors.

Family history is far from being a boring collection of names and dates. I find history fascinating, and have found my fair share of interesting characters. From the rat-catcher, to the second Baptist minister in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, the gold prospectors, squatters, the harbour pilot in Hobart, Tasmania and not to be out done (disappointingly, I have no convicts in my ancestry) - the murderer!

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You can now search my entire web site through the search facility to the right. Great for quickly checking if any occurrence of your favorite surnames appear.

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My database is now available via RootsWeb's WorldConnect database. Click here to access it. If you see any familiar names and would like further information please contact me. I'd be delighted to hear from you.

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Lauren's pedigree




/ Thomas Salisbury



Benjamin Salisbury

\ Hannah Barlow


Harold Salisbury


/ George Jones



Jane Jones

\ Mary Dodd

Peter Salisbury



/ Chas Brassington



Chas Brassington

\ Harriet Richardson


Freda Brassington


/ Robert Wray



Lillian Wray

\ Ann Woods

Lauren Salisbury



/ James Setford

|Robert Thomson


Horace Setford

\ Mary Turner


Ronald Setford


/ Frederick Crofts



Mabel Crofts

\ Mary Tickell

Judith Setford



/ George Perrey



Harry Perrey

\ Eliza Noble


Grace Perrey


/ Walter Girt



Eva Girt

\ Sarah Bull

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Bob's Pedigree




/ Robert Thomson



Robert Thomson

\ Caroline C. Gerdtz


Robert A Thomson


/ Mathes Handreck



Louise Handreck

\ Anna Dahiltz Metk

Denis Thomson



/ Johann S. Schultz



Johann G. Schultz

\ Anna Muller


Henrietta Schultz


/ Johann Hundrack



Johanne Hundrack

\ Anna Rentsch

Robert Thomson



/ Johann Launer

| Lauren Salisbury


Johann G. Launer

\ Johanne D. Luhr


Traugott Launer


/ Johann Zippel



Johanna W. Zippel

\ D. Kleindienst

Elsie D. Launer



/ Friedrich Fritsch



Karl Eduard Fritsch

\ Johanna Uebergang


Louise Fritsch


/ Johann Schneider



Ernstine Schneider

\ Maria Rosina Fiebig

Stories of the families I am researching

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