J. Wilhelmine Zippel. circa 1873
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Johanna Wilhelmine Zippel was born in Nandel Bentschen, Posen, Prussia on January 22, 1853. Wilhelmine died on January 18, 1934. Wilhelmine was buried at the Pink Lakes Cemetery near Yorketown, South Australia.

Johanna Wilhelmine Zippel married Johann Gottlieb Launer at Strait Gate Lutheran Church in Lights Pass, South Australia on June 5, 1874. Johann Gottlieb Launer was born on July 9, 1849 in Blanchetown, South Australia. Gottlieb was the son of Johann Carl Gottlieb Gustav Launer and Johanne Dorothea Luhr. Gottlieb died near Yorketown, South Australia on May 6, 1908. Gottlieb was buried at the Pink Lakes Cemetery near Yorketown, South Australia (See Johann Gottlieb Launer for the children resulting from this marriage.)

Johanna Wilhelmine Zippel immigrated on the 'Peter Godeffroy' to Port Adelaide arriving on November 18, 1855. The Shipping Intelligence column of The South Australian Register on Monday, November 19, 1855 listed the passengers who arrived on the Peter Godeffroy, a ship of 750 tons which arrived in Port Adelaide on Sunday November 18, 1855. Amongst the passengers were "Gottfried, Dorothea Elis., Wilhelmine and Carl August Zipyel". The ship had departed Hamburg on July 11, S. Johansen being its Master.

Johanna Wilhelmine Zippel resided in Lights Pass, South Australia. Before her marriage, Wilhelmine worked at Angaston, South Australia. Both Wilhelmine and Johann Gottlieb Launer are buried at Pink Lake Cemetery, Yorketowne, York Peninsula, South Australia.






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