Dorothea Elizabeth Zippel (nee Kleindienst), circa 1873
From Les Zippel.

Dorothea Elisabeth Kleindienst was born in Weidenvorwerk, near Bentschen, Meseritz county, Posen province, Kingdom of Prussia, Germany (till 1919) on May 2, 1828. Dorothy died in Nhill, Victoria, Australia on February 17, 1899. Dorothy was buried on February 19, 1899 at the cemetery in Woorak, Victoria, Australia.

Dorothea Elisabeth Kleindienst married Johann Gotthilf Zippel in Bentschen, Posen, Prussia in 1852. Johann Gotthilf Zippel was born on June 13, 1823 in Przychodzko, Bentschen, Posen, Prussia. Gotthilf died in Nhill, Victoria, Australia on July 31, 1899. Gotthilf was buried on August 1, 1899 at the cemetery in Woorak, Victoria, Australia.

The family first resided in Seppelstfield, South Australia.From there they went to Lights Pass, South Australia, where the rest of their children were born. Later the family moved to Yorketowne, South Australia and finally to Woorak, near Nhill in Victoria.

Gotthilf built his own house there. His trade was a Mason and Carpenter. He made his own furniture and also his own coffin. (See Johann Gotthilf Zippel for the children resulting from this marriage.)

Dorothea Elisabeth Kleindienst immigrated from Nandel, Prussia to Port Adelaide arriving on the 'Peter Godeffroy' on November 18, 1855.






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