Anna5 Dahlitz Metk (Matthes6)(375) was born in Werben, Cottbus, Spreewald, Prussia on January 2, 1825.(376) She died on August 21, 1907 in Byaduk, Victoria, Australia at 82 years of age.(377) She was buried on August 23, 1907 in the Zion Lutheran Church Cemetery, Byaduk North.(378)

She married Mathes Handreck in Werben, Spreewald, Germany on June 3, 1843.(379) Mathes was born on June 5, 1818 in Werben, Cottbus, Spreewald, Prussia.(380) He(381) was the son of Matthes Handreck and Marie Helene Jarick. Mathes died on November 26, 1902 in Byaduk, Victoria, Australia at 84 years of age.(382) He was buried in the Zion Lutheran Church Cemetery, Byaduk North.(383) Mathes Handreck resided in Byaduk, Victoria, Australia.(384) Occupation: Farmer. Mathes and Anna had immigrated to Australia, arriving on September 24, 1858.(385) (See Mathes Handreck for the children resulting from this marriage.)

In Nielson's book In Search of a Home, Anna Dalitz's name has the word "(Metk)" after it. This he explains, is either an alternative spelling of the name or "Hofnamen", that is, the name a person used if he obtained a piece of property through marriage or purchase and assumed the surname of the previous owner.

The Handreck family departed from Hamburg, Germany on May 13, 1858 upon the barque Victoria and arrived in Adelaide on September 24, 1858. Accompanying Matthes and Anna were their three children, Christian, 8, Marianne, 4, and Matthes, 2. In 1860 the family moved to Victoria and settled in the Byaduk district of Western Victoria. Byaduk is located fifteen miles south of Hamilton and was established in 1853 as an exclusively Wend community where wendish continued to be spoken until the turn of the century.







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