Michael6 Rentsch birth date unknown.

He married Anna Janasch.

Michael Rentsch and Anna Janasch had the following children:
Johann5 Rentsch was born in Kupritz, Saxony on September 30, 1801.(764) Conflicting evidence states that Johann was born in Kupritz, Saxony, October 3, 1801.(774) Johann died on September 11, 1877 at South Hamilton, Victoria at 75 years of age.(765) Hie was buried on September 13, 1877 in the Lutheran Cemetery, South Hamilton, Victoria.(766) He married Maria Nettig in Trausetachwitz, Saxony in 1830.(767) Maria was born on March 31, 1809 in Trausetachwitz, Saxony.(768) She was the daughter of Johann Michael (Michael) Neretich and Christiane Donant. Conflicting evidence states that Maria was born in Trausetachwitz, Saxony, March 31, 1807.(771)  Maria died on August 27, 1876 at 67 years of age.(769) She was buried on August 30, 1876 in the Lutheran Cemetery, South Hamilton, Victoria.(770)    Johann Rentsch resided in Hochkirch, Victoria, Australia.(773) Occupation: Farmer. Johann and Maria immigrated to Australia, arriving on December 24, 1851.(775) The Rentsch family came to Australia on the ship Helene which sailed from Hamburg on September 5, 1851 and arrived at Port Adelaide on December 24 that year. Notes from St. Michael's, Tarrington indicate that Johann was naturalized in 1852 at Lyndoch Valley. Johann Rentsch came to the Colony of Victoria, from South Australia in April 1852 together with the Burger, Hundrack, Mirtschin and Urban families. The Rentsch family along with two other families, found land totaling 60 acres about 20 miles north of Portland. Soon after, Johann Rentsch signed the call to the Reverend Clamour W. Schuermann. Johann Rentsch held land at South Hamilton, at the place now known as Petschels Lane but sold to Cobb and Co. in later years. On September 24, 1860 Johann made his memorial in his apparent second application for naturalization and he declared that it was his intention "to settle for life in the said Colony" and that he wished "to purchase land and to obtain a vote in the election of Members of Parliament". Johann died from acute bronchitis with congestion of lungs.
Anna Rentsch was born on January 6, 1806.







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