Maria Rosina5 Fiebig (????6)(665) was born in Silesia, Prussia on March 28, 1826.(666) Maria died on November 4, 1906 in Ni Ni, Victoria, Australia at 80 years of age. She was buried in the Woorak Cemetery, Victoria, Australia.

She married twice. First, she married ???? Kuttig in 1849.(667) (Additional notes for ???? Kuttig(668)) ???? died circa 1850. Then she married Johann Casper Schneider in 1853.(669) He was known as Casper or John. Casper was born on May 11, 1811 in Silesia, Prussia.(670) He(671) was the son of Jeremiah Schneider. Casper died on June 30, 1873 in Penshurst, Victoria, Australia at 62 years of age.(672) He was buried on July 2, 1873 in Penshurst, Victoria, Australia, at the Gnadenthal Cemetery.(673) Casper  immigrated to Australia aboard the Godeffroy arriving on February 13, 1849.(674) Johann Casper Schneider resided in Penshurst, Victoria, Australia. Occupation: Agricultural Labourer.

Maria immigrated to Australia aboard the Wappaus arriving on March 7, 1849.(675)

In 1879, some years after the death of her second husband, Johann Casper Schneider, Maria and her daughters went to live at Ni Ni, approximately twenty miles from Dimboola, where her two sons John and August had settled. Johann Schneider built his house a few chains away from the old upright and pug house in which his mother remained after John's marriage to Pauline Schuller. In her last years of life, Maria lived with her son Johann Christoph Schneider and his wife Pauline Schuller.

Maria Rosina Fiebig and ???? Kuttig had the following child:

child Robert4 Kuttig.







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