????6 Fiebig(791) was born in Silesia, Prussia. ???? died in 1848 in Hamburg, Germany.

He married Johanna Rosina Heidrich.(792) She was known as Anna or Jane. Anna was born on July 22, 1796 in Bilgramsdor, Goldberg, Silesia, Prussia.(793) (Additional notes for Johanna Rosina Heidrich(794)) Anna died on June 1, 1887 in Mount Rouse, Victoria, Australia at 90 years of age.(795) She was buried in Penshurst, Victoria, Australia, at the Gnadenthal Cemetery.(796)  Anna immigrated to Australia aboard the Wappaus arriving on March 7, 1849.(797)

Mr. Fiebig had intended to come out with his wife and family to Australia. He had sold his property in Germany and whilst in Hamburg preparing to embark the Goedefroy for the trip to Australia, he took ill with cholera, but expected to recover, and as all arrangements had been made his family sailed without him, expecting him to come out and join them by the next boat that sailed. But unfortunately he died, and so his wife and family had to fend for themselves.

???? Fiebig and Johanna Rosina Heidrich had the following children:
Johanna5 Fiebig(798) was born in Silesia, Prussia. She married Wilhelm Wirth.(799) (Additional notes for Wilhelm Wirth(800))   She was known as Helene.
Maria Rosina Fiebig was born on March 28, 1826.(802)
Johanna Christiana Fiebig(803) was born in Silesia, Prussia on June 19, 1830.(804) She was known as Christiana. She married Francis Smith Stokes at the Independant Congregational Church in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia in 1850.(805) Francis was born in 1823. He(806) was the son of Francis Smith Stokes. Francis died in 1903 in Hawkesdale, Victoria, Australia at 80 years of age.(807)   Occupation: Servant Girl.
Anna Rosina Fiebig(809) was born circa 1831. She was known as Jane. She married ???? Gurlie.(810) (Additional notes for ???? Gurlie(811))
Johanna Caroline Fiebig(813) was born in Silesia, Prussia on August 31, 1835.(814) She was known as Caroline. Caroline died in 1914 in Nhill, Victoria, Australia at 78 years of age.(815) She married Wilhelm Bieske in Victoria, Australia, in 1854.(816) Wilhelm was born on September 18, 1835.(817) Conflicting evidence states that Wilhelm was born in 1828.(820)  He(818) was the son of Gotlieb Bieske and Maria Elizabeth Parmiste. Wilhelm died in 1912 in Nhill, Victoria, Australia at 76 years of age.(819)







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