Family of Robert and LouisaThomson (nee Handreck)Louise Rosina4 Handreck (Mathes5, Matthes6) was born in Hochkirch, Victoria, Australia on April 24, 1860.(109) Louise was baptized in Hochkirch, Victoria, Australia, on May 6, 1860.(118)  Louise died on December 15, 1943 at 83 years of age.(110) She was buried on December 16, 1943 at the Lutheran Cemetery in South Hamilton, Victoria, Australia.(111)

She married Robert Thomson in Hamilton, Victoria, Australia in 1886.(112) Robert was born on May 28, 1862 in South Hamilton, Victoria, Australia.(113) He was the son of Robert Thomson and Caroline Christina Sophia Dorothea Gerdtz. Robert died on February 20, 1933 in Tarrington, Victoria, Australia at 70 years of age.(114) He was buried on February 21, 1933 at the Lutheran Cemetery in South Hamilton, Victoria, Australia.(115) Conflicting evidence states that Robert was born in Hamilton, Victoria, Australia on March 5, 1862.(116) In 1914 Robert resided in Woohlpooer, near Cavendish, Victoria, Australia .(117) Occupation: Farmer. (See Robert Thomson for the children resulting from this marriage.)

Louise Rosina Handreck resided in Tarrington, Victoria, Australia.(119)







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