Friedericke Anne Marie6 Bruss(740) was born in Thelkon, Tessin, Mecklenburg, Schwerin, Germany on March 16, 1803.(741) Friedericke died on June 10, 1892 in Hamilton North, Victoria, Australia at 89 years of age from a softening of the brain, the duration of this illness being about two years.(742) She was buried on June 12, 1892 in the Lutheran Cemetery, South Hamilton, Victoria.(743)

She married Johann Joachim Christian Gerdtz in Baden, Kiel, Germany in 1824.(744) According to conflicting evidence, she married Johann Joachim Christian Gerdtz in Mecklenburg, Schwerin, Germany, in 1826.(751) He was known as Charles. Charles was born on January 26, 1801 in Mecklenburg, Schwerin, Germany.(745) Charles died on January 26, 1875 in Hamilton, Victoria, Australia at 74 years of age.(746) He was buried on January 27, 1875 at the Lutheran Cemetery in South Hamilton, Victoria, Australia.(747)    Friedericke and Charles immigrated on board the Sophie to Australia arriving on August 23, 1850.(749) Johann Joachim Christian Gerdtz resided in Hamilton North, Victoria, Australia.(750) Occupation: Shoe Repairer. (See Johann Joachim Christian Gerdtz for the children resulting from this marriage.)







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