Johann Joachim Christian6 Gerdtz was born in Mecklenburg, Schwerin, Germany on January 26, 1801.(683) He was known as Charles. Johann Joachim Christian Gerdtz resided in Hamilton North, Victoria, Australia.(695) Occupation: Shoe Repairer. Charles died on January 26, 1875 in Hamilton, Victoria, Australia at 74 years of age.(684) He was buried on January 27, 1875 at the Lutheran Cemetery in South Hamilton, Victoria, Australia.(685)

He married Friedericke Anne Marie Bruss in Baden, Kiel, Germany in 1824.(686) According to conflicting evidence, she married Johann Joachim Christian Gerdtz in Mecklenburg, Schwerin, Germany, in 1826.(691) Friedericke was born on March 16, 1803 in Thelkon, Tessin, Mecklenburg, Schwerin, Germany.(687) (Additional notes for Friedericke Anne Marie Bruss(688)) Friedericke died on June 10, 1892 in Hamilton North, Victoria, Australia at 89 years of age.(689) She was buried on June 12, 1892 in Lutheran Cemetery, South Hamilton, Victoria.(690) Charles and Friedericke immigrated to Australia on board the Sophie arriving on August 23, 1850.(692)

The Gerdtz family arrived in Australia upon the Sophie, a barque of 278 tons (272 tons according to "Migrant Ships to South Australia") and 3 metres wide. The barque was registered in Hamburg in 1850 and its Captain was Capt. Matthias Wilcken. She departed Hamburg on April 28, 1850 and arrived at Adelaide on August 9, 1850 where she stayed for ten days before going on to Port Phillip where she arrived on on 23 August, 1850 with a cargo of bricks, hams, etc. The Sophie then departed Port Phillip on September 1, 1850 for Valparaiso. The Hamburg State Archives advise that Johann Gerdts occupation was that of 'Schafer' (shepherd) and that all family members were born in Kiel.

After arrival in Australia, Johann became a farmer. He was naturalised at Portland on April 9, 1859. His occupation on those papers was listed as Yeoman. He died suddenly on the morning of January 26, 1875 and an inquest was held at Hamilton later the same day. Evidence was presented to Dr. Wylie, Deputy-Coroner by Edmund Vialis, medical practitioner, who found that Johann had died from fatty degeneration of the heart. Other evidence was given by Frederika Gerdtz, wife of Johann, and William Thomson, nine year old grandson of Johann and Frederika, who lived with them. Frederika Gerdtz gave evidence that Johann had been healthy until lately when he had complained about his teeth and could not do much work. He went to bed the night before his death after supper and arose early the next morning, just before five o'clock and seemed quite well. He dressed himself quickly and went over the road with his young grandson William, to milk the three cows. He milked one cow and complained of not feeling well to William and asked him to fetch his grandmother. Frederika went over to Johann and tried to get him to rise up, but after trying in vain he said "ah mother!" and then died.

Johann Joachim Christian Gerdtz and Friedericke Anne Marie Bruss had the following children:
Johann Charles (Carl)5 Gerdts(696) was born in Rostock, Mecklenburg, Schwerin, Germany on June 23, 1829.(697) Johann died on April 9, 1907 in Hamilton North, Victoria, Australia at 77 years of age from senile decay.(698) He was buried on April 11, 1907 in Lutheran Cemetery, South Hamilton, Victoria.(699) He married Marianne Handreck in St. Michael's Lutheran Church, Hochkirch on April 27, 1881.(700) Marianne was born on February 22, 1854 in Werben, Cottbus, Spreewald, Prussia.(701) She(702) was the daughter of Mathes Handreck and Anna Dahlitz Metk. Marianne died on February 10, 1896 in Ararat, Victoria, Australia at 41 years of age.(703) She was buried on February 13, 1896 in the Zion Lutheran Church Cemetery, Byaduk North.(704) Marianne Handreck resided in Byaduk, Victoria, Australia. Occupation: Farm Assistant.  Occupation: Farmer. Johann Charles Carl Gerdts resided in Pierrepoint, Hochkirch, Victoria, Australia circa 1847.(706) Johann immigrated to Australia, arriving on August 23, 1850.(707) Charles was naturalised on October 10, 1863.
Caroline Christina Sophia Dorothea Gerdtz was born in 1831.(708)
Margaret Gerdtz(709). Margaret died before 1850.
Friedrich Charles Gerdtz was born in Strasburg, Germany, in 1836.(710) Conflicting evidence states that Frederick was born in Noer, Schleswig, Germany, in 1837.(722)  He was known as Frederick. Frederick died on March 28, 1924 in Murtoa, Victoria, Australia at 87 years of age.(711) He was buried on March 30, 1924 at the Cemetery in Murtoa, Victoria, Australia.(712) He married twice. First he married Eliza Lewis in Hamilton North, Victoria, Australia on August 28, 1868.(713) Eliza was born circa 1846 in West Chinnock, Stoke, Somerset, England.(714) She(715) was the daughter of William Lewis and Mary Graham. Eliza died on July 15, 1898 in Murtoa, Victoria, Australia at 52 years of age.(716) She was buried on July 17, 1898 at the cemetery in Murtoa, Victoria, Australia.(717) Eliza immigrated aboard the Cheapside to Australia arriving on August 18, 1848.(718) Occupation: Domestic Duties. Friedrich then married Annie Hourigan Collins in Stawell, Victoria, Australia in 1902.(719) Annie was born circa 1860 in Wangaratta, Victoria, Australia.(720) She was the daughter of Michael Hourigan and Mary Slattery. Annie died in 1931 in Carlton, Victoria, Australia at 71 years of age.(721)  Occupation: farmer and carrier. Friedrich lived in Hamilton until 1863, and then moved to Murtoa, Victoria. Before moving to Murtoa, he, James Thomson (his nephew) and brother John Gerdtz went gold fossicking, where they did well and obtained capital to start their farms. When at Murtoa, these three farmed along side each other at Coromby until James left them due to debts, and Friedrich bought his land. After his father died, John Gerdtz went back to Hamilton to farm the family farm and Friedrich then farmed the three blocks, until his death in 1924. Prior to 1882 Fredrich owned no land. He leased block 111 in Ashens for ten years before buying, later purchasing block 112. When block 110 was for sale, he sold 112 and purchased 110, owning at total of 320 acres. Friedrich had a difficult time setting up his farm. He hand dug the dames and built his own house and fences. The first dam on his property was hand dug with a wheelbarrow and shovel. Fences were made by stripping trees for fence posts. His land was fair to good with an underground stream. Friedrich was naturalised on 16th February 1864. He took his Oath of Allegiance for his naturalisation before Cuthbert Fetherstonehaugh who's encounter with bushrangers is documented in a newspaper article. Friedrich died from senility and heart failure after an illness of four weeks.
Godhardt Gerdtz(724). Godhardt died before 1849.
Dorers Gerdtz(725). Dorers died before 1849.
Johann Charles Gerdtz was born in Hollstein, Denmark in 1849.(726) He was known as John or Carl. Occupation: farmer and carrier. Johann Charles Gerdtz resided in Kewell East, near Minyip, Victoria, Australia before his death in 1924.(739) Carl died on July 17, 1924 in Kewell East, near Minyip, Victoria, Australia at 75 years of age.(727) He was buried on July 18, 1924  at the cemetery in Minyip, Victoria, Australia.(728) He married twice. First he married Eliza Walker in Victoria, Australia in 1889.(729) Eliza was born in 1862 in Hamilton, Victoria, Australia.(730) She was the daughter of William Walker and Elizabeth Silk. Eliza died on December 6, 1893 in Hamilton, Victoria, Australia at 31 years of age.(731) She was buried on December 7, 1893 at Old Hamilton Cemetery in Hamilton, Victoria, Australia.(732) He then married Elizabeth Wordsworth Stimson in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on May 31, 1894.(733) Elizabeth was born circa 1859 in Bedfordshire, England.(734) She was the daughter of Leonard Stimson and Jane. Elizabeth died on September 15, 1934 in Minyip, Victoria, Australia at 75 years of age.(735) She was buried in Minyip, Victoria, Australia.(736) Elizabeth Wordsworth Stimson resided in Kewell East, near Minyip, Victoria, Australia in 1925.(737)  The following obituary appeared in the Minyip Guardian on 22 July, 1924: OBITUARY JOHN CARL GERDTZ Since our last issue, the mortal remains of one of the early settlers of this district--John Carl Gerdtz--has been laid to rest in the Minyip cemetery. The deceased passed peacefully away on Thursday morning last at the age of 75 years after an illness of about three weeks, the cause being heart trouble. His death has occasioned sincere regret to be felt by his many friends in this and the surrounding districts, for he was a man of kindly disposition and strong humanitarian instincts, and was highly esteemed. All through his life he displayed wonderful cheerfulness, and his happy demeanour and undeviating rectitude in all his business dealings were characteristics that elevated him in the estimation of all those with whom he came in contact. The late gentleman was born in Hollstein, Denmark, and when an infant, was brought on to Australia by his parents, who took up land in the Hamilton district. At the age of 15 years, he set out on his own, and securing a bullock team, commenced carrying between Hamilton and Portland. Later on he extended his operations with the teamsters, and carted from Stawell to Portland. At the latter end of 1873 - when a great part of the Wimmera was still in the hands of squatters, and just a year after the time when land was first selected at Marma the deceased and his brother took up land at Coromby. Witin the next year or so, the number of selectors increased rapidly, and he, like others, after residing there only a few years, sold his property to neighboring selectors and removed to Kewell East. Here he carried on farming up to the time of his death, and until his last illness was never known to require medical attention except for an accident to his arm some years ago. His brother, Frederick, predeceased him about four months ago. The decased leaves a wife and family of four sons and three daughters - Edith (Mrs. W. H. Chapman, Sheep Hills), Frederick, Mary Elizabeth, Charles, John, Clara and Leonard - and to them sincere sympathy is expressed. The funeral on Friday was largely attended. Rev. W. McIlroy conducted the service at the grave, and the coffin bearers were - Messrs J. Keenan, J. Ruwoldtz, D. A. Rowan, W. Mackenzie, W. Boyd and A. Krause. Mr J. H. Brady carried out the funeral arrangements.







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