Fifth Generation

Robert5 Thomson (John6)(278) was born in Peterhead, Aberdeenshire, Scotland in 1821. He died circa 1867.

He married Caroline Christina Sophia Dorothea Gerdtz (Sophia) at Lyne Station in Western District, Victoria, Australia on November 23, 1852.(279) Sophia was born in 1831 in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.(280) Sophia was the daughter of Johann Joachim Christian Gerdtz and Friedericke Anne Marie Bruss. She died on June 5, 1914 in Pierrepoint, Hochkirch, Victoria, Australia at 82 years of age.(281) She was buried on June 7, 1914 in the Old Hamilton Cemetery, Hamilton, Victoria, Australia. (282) Sophia immigrated to Australia on board the Sophie arriving on August 23, 1850.(283)

Robert was a Farmer. At this stage it is unknown as to when Robert Thomson came to Australia, although it was sometime before 1852 when he married Sophia Gerdtz. Robert Thomson is known to have worked at Lyne, Bochara and Park hill Stations (owned by his brother William), as well as Knebsworth Station, west of Macarthur. Family legend says that Robert Thomson went missing when returning from Scotland to Australia after a profitable business deal. He fell overboard, either drunk, or robbed and thrown overboard.

Robert Thomson and Caroline Christina Sophia Dorothea Gerdtz had the following children:
Alexander4 Thomson. Alexander Thomson resided in Woohlpooer, near Cavendish, Victoria, Australia.(285)
Friedericka Thomson was born in Victoria, Australia, in 1851. Friedericka died on September 14, 1901 in Clifton Hill, Victoria, Australia at 50 years of age.(286) She had married Thomas Grogan in Victoria, Australia in 1879.(287)
James Thomson(288) was born in 1853. James Thomson resided in Western Australia in 1914.(289) After gold fossicking in the early 1870's, James Thomson, John Gerdtz and Friedrich Gerdtz (his uncles) all came to Murtoa and farmed alongside each other at Coromby until James left them due to debts. James followed many others to Western Australia - "land of promise". Victoria was in the grips of a deep depression and gold had been found in the West in situations where the single miner or a small party could easily get rich from near the surface, without heavy machinery. The influx of gold seekers also created a boost for other industries on the goldfields. Many who left for the west did not seek gold, but were businesses which did well from the business of the gold miners. Many merchants, carriers, photographers, market gardeners, cattlemen, journalists, printers, publicans, breweries, carpenters and engineers also followed westward. Many of those who went to the West started heading back to the East after 1905, when the economy started picking up. However, James appears to have remained in Western Australia, although no other details of his life are known.
Grace Thomson was born in Hamilton, Victoria, Australia in 1855.(290) Grace died in March 1885 in Hamilton, Victoria, Australia at 29 years of age.(291) The following death notice appeared in the Hamilton Spectator newspaper on 9th April, 1885: "THOMSON - Grace Thomson, a Primative Methodist aged 28, born in Hamilton, died in the Hamilton Hospital in March."
Sophia Thomson was born in Hamilton, Victoria, Australia in 1860.(292) Sophia died in 1946 in Dunkeld, Victoria, Australia, at 86 years of age.(293) She married George Scott Garton at Christ Church in Hamilton, Victoria, Australia on January 1, 1880. George was born in 1856. George was the son of George Garton and Louisa Bromfield. George died in 1931 in Merino, Victoria, Australia, at 75 years of age.(294) George Scott Garton resided in Woohlpooer, near Cavendish, Victoria, Australia. Sophia Thomson resided in Woohlpooer, near Cavendish, Victoria, Australia in 1914.(295)
Robert Thomson was born on May 28, 1862.(296)
William Thomson was born in 1865.(297) William died after 1919. Occupation: Sheep Farmer. William Thomson resided in Hamilton, Victoria, Australia.





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