Ancestors of Robert John Thomson

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Prepared by:

Lauren Thomson

The information on Bob's ancestors is provided by way of a reverse register report. The report starts with my husband Bob, and then goes backwards, tracing his ancestry, generation by generation. It's main purpose is to list all his ancestors and to allow the reader to ascertain whether we are tracing the same families or not. The detail here is limited to birth, death, marriage and burial, with information on living relatives being suppressed.

Unfortunately, trying to follow this report, page by page, is extremely confusing. The order of pages crosses all my families in one generation, then all my families in the next, and so on. My suggestion is that you go straight to the index and see if there are any names of interest there and navigate your way around the report that way. Alternatively, I have created a pedigree for Bob and you can click on a name and be taken directly to the relevant page.

Spouses are found on pages next to each other, so use the arrow buttons to move between them. Sources are available, but the source file is extremely large (109k), and you would need to be pretty determined to look at a source to warrant attempting opening it.

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Table of Contents

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Bob's Pedigree

/ Robert Thomson
Robert Thomson \ Caroline Christina Gerdtz
Robert Alexander Thomson / Mathes Handreck
Louise Rosina Handreck \ Anna Dahiltz Metk
Denis Robert Thomson / Johann Samuel Schultz
Johann Gotthelf Schultz \ Anna Rosina Muller
Henrietta Ida Schultz / Johann Hundrack
Johanne Hundrack \ Anna Rentsch
Robert John Thomson / Johann Launer
| Lauren Kay Salisbury Johann Gottlieb Launer \ Johanne Dorothea Luhr
Traugott Alfred Launer / Johann Gotthilf Zippel
Johanna Wilhelmine Zippel \ Dorothea Kleindienst
Elsie Dorothea Launer / Friedrich Wilhelm Fritsch
Karl Eduard Fritsch \ Johanna Dorothea Uebergang
Louise Dorothea Fritsch / Johann Casper Schneider
Ernstine Schneider \ Maria Rosina Fiebig

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Surname Summary

This is a summary of all Bob's ancestors surnames in this report. The index will contain additional names of other people who have married siblings of Bob's ancestors. Clicking on one of these names will take you to that name in the index.

Biehar, Bruss, Dahlitz, Fiebig, Fritsch, Gerdts, Gerdtz, Handreck, Heidrich, Hundrack, Janasch, Jarick, Karge, Kitz, Kleindienst, Kuttig, Launer, Luhr, Muller, Neville, Rentsch, Schneider, Schultz, Thomson, Uebergang, Zippel

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1997-2003 Lauren Thomson, Burwood, Victoria, Australia
Last revised: April 17, 2003
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